Our company was established almost 30 years ago and at first we were a minor carpet fitter, but we have bloomed into a huge local flooring organization. There is a large gallery at our command where we present all kinds of flooring materials. Several members of our staff who started along with the company all those years ago still cooperate with us.

For starters, step by step we fared well by working with one customer after another. We provided every client with finest development projects, masterly fitting and fare tariffs. But this is not the most important thing that makes Balt Holding so unique on the market. The notable feature of our company is that while working on every order we adapt to what the client really wants, and also provide long-run upkeep of finished objects.

Visit the Balt Holding gallery in West Chester for compare and contrast and see for yourself. Balt Holding is definitely a place in your neighborhood you would visit to buy new flooring.