Balt Holding Design Center has been of great help to Cincinnati’s constructors for almost three decades. Working on domestic level, professional erectors are very much interested in satisfying your customer’s demand for excellent execution. Our company is a retailer and we guarantee the quality of all our development projects. To meet your customer’s needs we have a design center, where a variety of building plans and manners are represented. There your clients can discuss all the questions about the style of the future construction.

State-of-the-Art Design Center

If you choose to cooperate with Balt Holding, the biggest profit of it might be the teaming up with our world-class Design Center. Our company provides constructors and developers from Cincinnati area with a broad set of styles for commercial or residential construction using all kinds of materials: from standard to the most up-to-date. Specialists on each and every of our products will gladly support developers and will help to come up with the best suggestions for the customers. We offer traditional flooring designs and carpet squares which are on-site manufactured, and thus every aspect of the building process can be personally supervised any time. On top of all that in our team we have such outstanding world-known designers. Wonderful service, excellent counsel and endless assistance in upkeep and renovation - Balt Holding will help you create a permanent client base.

Dustless Hardwood Refinishing

Balt Holding presents the Atomic Dust Containment System. It effectively removes all the remains after smoothing and polishing. The Atomic DCS is fitted out with vacuum mechanism of high efficiency connected to all the sanding machinery effectively removing all the respirable dust. Wood dusty fog inside your house or workplace is over for good, because The Atomic DCS has unique containers which capture from 97% to 99.5% of wood dusty fog, and the HEPA filters in these containers can capture the inhalable particles down to 1 micron in size.

Qualified refinishing is a real artwork. Refinish the surfaces decently requires experience and skills, but not every Dustless Refinishing organization is able to declare that it is skilled enough, no matter how good the machinery, nothing can ever replace the expertise.

The Atomic Dust Containment System grants:

  • Less cleaning
  • Cycle of operation is swifter
  • Beneficial to health